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Diarrhoea treatment clinic in chandigarh Take 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and cook it in 100gm of water. Mix another 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and blend the mixture to form a paste. Give this mixture with curd, three times a day. Recommended diet: rice and curd. Take one part of kernel, one part bel pupl, and one part sugar candy. Crush the mixture to form a paste. Give 3-6gm of this powder with water to cure diarrhea. Take equal quantities of kernel of mango seeds and mango pupl and mix well. Give 1gm of this mixture 2-3 times a day. It helps in curing diarrhea. Take 10-20gm of kernel and blend it with kanji to form a paste. Apply this paste on stomach. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea. Take the bark of mango tree and 40gm of barley. Crush the two and then boil in 500gm water till water is reduced to 1\8th of the original quantity. Let the solution cool. Mix a little honey and drink. It is helpful in diarrhea and especially in mucous colitis. Take young and fresh stem of mango plant. Blend it with curd to form paste. Apply this paste around the stomach area. Take 25ml of mango left extract, 12gm each of honey and milk and 6gm ghee. Mix them well and give to the patient. It helps in curing diarrhea with bleeding. Grind equal quantities of poppy and saffron and prepare tablets of 125mg each. Give these tablets with honey. Roast poppy and give this to the patient. It cures dysentery. Grind 4-9gm of its pod and give this to the patient. It cures diarrhea. In case of stomach cramps, stomachache, gastric problems and vomiting like ailments, 5-7 drops of Amritdhara given with sweet batasa is very beneficial. To cure diarrhea in children, take 15gm guava root and boil it in 150ml water. When the water is reduced to half, give 6ml of the solution to the patient, 2-3 times a day. Boil unripe guava and give boiled fruit to the patient. It curs diarrhea. Take the bark and fresh leaves of guava tree. Prepare its decoction. 20ml of this decoction when given to the patient cures early stages of cholera. Give 2-3gm powder of pomegranate fruit’s peel with water, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in curing diarrhea. Grind fresh pomegranate buds with cardamom seeds and mastangi. Add sugar to the mixture and prepare a paste. Give this to children. It cures diarrhea in children. It is also beneficial in dysentery. Grind pomegranate fruit along with the peel, and extract its juice. Give 30-50gm of this juice to the patient. This can also be given with sugar added to it. It controls vomiting due to pitta and is beneficial in curing itching, fatigue and tiredness. and Home Remedies for Diarrhoea2016-02-10T16:00:37+00:00Vaidya Jagjit SinghAyurvedaHealth Conditions & DiseasesHerbsHome RemediesDiarrhoea, Diarrhoea Cure, Herbs for Diarrhoea, Home Remedies, Home Remedies for Diarrhoea Take 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and cook it in 100gm of water. Mix another 5.5gm of kernel of mango seeds and blend the mixture to form a paste. Give this mixture with curd, three times a day.
Skin treatment clinic in chandigarh Jasmine oil is a magical and most effective medicine for curing skin problems. It can be applied to cure any type of wound, eczema, itching, burns, pain and wound which do not heal fast. Apply jasmine paste of 8- 10 flowers to cure any type of skin problem and blood disorders. It brings immediate relief. Apply paste of honey and cinnamon on the affected area. Within a few days, the itching, eczema, and boils like disorders of skin get cured. Boil 20gm arand root in 400 ml water till only 100ml water is till left. Give this to the patient. It is beneficial in curing all types of skin problems. Grind Gokharu seed’s kernel in water and apply on the affected area. Grind the Gorakhmundi leaves in water and apply the paste or apply the juice of leaves on the affected part. It cures many types of skin problems, boils of syphilis and old wounds. In case of itching, eczema, boils, blood and other skin problems. Mix 2 – 5gm turmeric powder in cow’s urine and give it 2 – 3 times a day to the patient. Mix the turmeric powder in butter and apply on the affected area. Give 5 gm turmeric with 2gm sugar every morning and evening to the patient. Skin itching take 40gm cumin seeds and mix with 20gm vermillion. Cook them in 320 gm mustard oil. Apply this oil on the affected area. It cures the itching of skin. Skin problem boil decoction of root of white oleander with sesame oil and apply on the affected area. Skin disorders apply sarphonka seed oil on the affected area. It is beneficial in itching and other incurable skin disorders. Skin disorders cook root of white hogweed in oil and then massage the legs with this oil. It cures skin disorders. Skin disorders give its soft new leaves to eat. It cures itching and all other types of skin disorders. Its 40 ml decoction can also be given to treat the skin disorders. and Home Remedies for Healthy Skin2016-02-02T16:03:17+00:00Vaidya Jagjit SinghAyurvedaHealth Conditions & DiseasesHerbsHome RemediesEczema, Healthy Skin, Herbs for Skin Diseases, Home Remedies for Skin Diseases, Natural Treatment of Skin Diseases, Skin Diseases, Skin disorders Jasmine oil is a magical and most effective medicine for curing skin problems. It can be applied to cure any type of wound, eczema, itching, burns, pain and wound which do not heal fast. Apply jasmine paste of 8- 10 flowers to cure any type of...
Panchkarma clinic in chandigarh Chandigarh Ayurved Centre, formally founded in 1987 has decades of Ayurvedic connection. Using the ancient science of Ayurveda established itself as the pioneer in Ayurvedic treatment centers by establishing itself in Chandigarh. We obtained the authentic Ayurvedic knowledge as a heritage from our ancestors and with spirit of Ayurveda running through our veins since 4 generations. HISTORY The ayurveda indulgence in our family, started in 1980, with birth of Vaidya Gurbachan Singh born in village of Punjab. Later in life he was known as ‘Raj Vaidya” and further generations of his family are still practicing ayurveda. Chandigarh Ayurveda Centre was first established in Chandigarh by the name of “Janta Clinic” in 1987, earlier in 1995 it was changed to Chandigarh Ayurved Centre. It was found by Vaidya Jagjit Singh who is a famous ayurveda physician of North India. Himself and through his clinic and from vast knowledge of ayurvedic herbs and medicines, he strives to help people who are in search of ayurvedic treatments and rejuvenation. INTRODUCTION Our centre offer the most authentic ayurvedic services and has the highest standards of quality in terms of the products used. Here everyone can be assured about receiving the most genuine ayurvedic and panchkarma treatment by skilled therapist, world class service and splendid ambiance with qualified doctors and therapists monitoring all aspects of consulting patients their treatment and panchkarma procedures. OUR TEAM Vaidya Jagjit Singh (B.A.M.S) Vaidya Karanvir Singh (B.A.M.S) Mrs Sarabjit kaur Vaidya Roopam singh Dr. Ruchi Yadav Dr. Ravi Partap PUBLICATIONS Written and published more than 30 articles on the subject of ayurveda and ayurved way of life style in various ayurveda medical journals and newspapers of national repute. OUR SERVICE Nadi pariksha Panchkarma therapies Detoxification and rejuvenation of body Treatment of chronic diseases like skin disorders, chronic cold, cough, asthma, joint disorders, sciatica, digestive problems, ulcerative colitis, hair fall, gynecological problems, stress, mental disorders etc. Counseling for teenagers. FACILITIES Clean and hygienic panchkarma rooms with good infrastructure. Classical Panchkarma set up, well trained experienced therapists. Self-prepared quality medicines.
Flatulence Flatulence is defined as the state of having excessive stomach or intestinal gas which results in uncomfortable feeling of bloating or passing of gas from the rectum. Gas or flatus has components namely nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen gas. CAUSES Chewing food very rapidly Rapid Drinking leads to swallowing of excess air thereby causing flatulence Consuming carbonated drinks in excess Deficiency of lactose in the body also causes the formation of gas Some other causes are old colic, gallbladder disease, colon cancer, diverticulosis, peptic ulcer, gallstones and food allergies. Due to anxiety, fear and grief. Due to Hyper salivation Fermentation in the gastro-intestinal tract due to inadequately cooked starchy foods. Due to certain undigested foods broken down by harmless bacteria inside the colon. Flatulence can also occur from gas seeping into the intestine from blood. SYMPTOMS Feeling of fullness in the stomach Pain in the abdomen Belching Burping Passing of wind in excess Loss of appetite Indigestion Breathlessness Headache Sleeplessness AYURVEDIC VIEW AND TREATMENT ACCORDING TO CHANDIGARH AYURVED CENTRE According to Ayurveda, flatulence is compared with Aadhmana. Colon is the main seat for vata dosha in the human body. If due to some reasons like eating vata aggravating foods, cold weather, anxiety, sleeplessness and other factors, vata dosha increases in the colon creates flatulence, distension and discomfort. It is also believed that flatulence is caused due to the imbalance of vata and pitta dosha in the body. Pitta dosha functions by controlling the digestive fire in the body that helps in the digestion of the food. Low pitta dosha and aggravated vata dosha in the body results in the low digestive fire thus decreasing the digestion process and leading to the formation of gas. The ama dosha thus formed aggravates the vata dosha. SINGLE HERBS USEFUL IN THIS CASE ARE: Pudina Dalchini Hing Ginger Ajwain Elaichi Kantakaari Ajmoda Saunf Aloe Vera AYURVEDIC FORMULATIONS RECOMMENDED FOR FLATULENCE ARE: Agnitundi Vati Maha Shankh Vati Lasunadi Vati Kumaryasava Triphala Churna Agni Mukha Churna Trikatu Churna Hingavashtak Churna Shivakshara Pachan Churna Hingvadi Vati Chitrakadi Vati DIET AND LIFESTYLE Chew peppermint after every meal. It soothes the digestive muscles and reduces flatulence, bloating and abdominal pain. Avoid consuming tobacco as it is harmful for digestive system and causes flatulence. Avoid sweetened foods. Do regular exercises as it improves digestion and also helps in the removal of gas through the system. Avoid taking curd. Buttermilk is beneficial in this case. Avoid consuming rice at night. Take rest after having a full meal. Avoid taking hot and cold food stuffs together. Avoid taking in fruits after meals as it ferments in the stomach and leads to gas formation. Practice Yogasanas like Pawan muktasana and pranayama are highly beneficial in flatulence. HERBAL REMEDIES Take one glass of luke warm water. To this add a pinch of dry ginger powder and a pinch of asafetida powder. Also add a pinch of black salt and mix well. Drink this once a day to get relief from flatulence. Add one teaspoon of black pepper and one teaspoon of ginger powder in one glass of warm water. Crush two green cardamoms and prepare powdered preparation of it. Then add half teaspoon of this cardamom powder and mix well. Drink it twice after meals to get rid of flatulence. Cut fresh ginger into slices and soak these slices in lemon juice for about an hour. Chew few slices after each meal. Take two handfuls of bajra and a handful salt. Prepare a bundle or potali of this. Warm it and foment the abdomen. Take hing, black salt, cardamom, ginger and kantakari in equal quantities. Take this mixture twice a day with warm water. Eat a piece of jaggery after every meal to get rid of gas or flatulence. Eat an orange with black salt in the morning. This helps in cleaning the intestine hence reducing gas formation. NOT SATISFIED? CLICK HERE TO CONSULT VAIDYA JAGJIT SINGH
Panchkarma in chandigarh Vaidya jagjit Singh has started Chandigharh Ayurved Centre with vision to practice ayurveda in complete traditional and authentic way, to give maximum benefits to patients at affordable rate. Chandigharh Ayurved Centre is equipped with all facilities, like expert doctors, trained and experienced therapist, quality medicines, spacious treatment rooms. At Chandigharh Ayurved Centre our number one priority is to give maximum health benefits to patients in most pleasing and caring environment their satisfaction is our utmost aim. Ayurvedic Physician at Chandigharh Ayurved Centre do Panchkarma after proper Ayurvedic examination of Patients. Choice of Panchkarma therapy and Medication are depends on Patients age, gender, diseases and it changes according to atmosphere changes. PANCHKARMA – NATURAL DETOXIFICATION & REJUVENATION THERAPY Panchkarma is a sophisticated purifying therapy of Ayurveda. Fivefold therapy, refers to a range of cleansing therapies. Highly personalized based on the needs of the individual, depending on the body type, dosha imbalances etc. Recommended also as seasonal treatment for toning your mind- body system. Purifies the body by draining out of the poisonous substances. Prevents the recurrence of the disease and makes the body healthier. Brings order in digestive system affected by irregular food habits and improves metabolism. Reverses biological age. Provides luster to the skin.